About Us


Kingswood saw its first community transport scheme back in 1984.

In 1991, Kingswood Community Transport (KCT), with charitable status, set up a local Group Hire scheme.

In 1999, the newly-formed South Gloucestershire Council provided funding for a new scheme: KCT's Dial-&-Ride service, but initially in rural areas only.

Additional funding and experience meant, KCT was able to strengthen it's service provision in both urban Kingswood and surrounding rural areas.

Photo of a woman with her walking stick and bag standing in front of a minibus.

In addition to providing
Group Hire accessible minibus services to 120 user groups and also it's
Dial-&-Ride and Doctor's Shuttle services, KCT also offers 
MiDAS Training courses for drivers.

A registered charity and limited company, KCT is funded by South Gloucestershire Council, and receives revenue from the direct services that it provides, plus charitable donations and small grants.

KCT is run by a fifteen-member Board, ten paid staff, and a team of over forty volunteers.

A Brief History

Kingswood Council For Voluntary Services introduced Community Transport to Kingswood in 1984. Early records show that vehicles were not “first class” but nevertheless, the concept of community transport in Kingswood was born and Kingswood Community Transport has served the community continually ever since.

In 1991, KCT left the umbrella of Kingswood Council for Voluntary Services and became a charity providing accessible transport to its affiliated user groups and members within the Kingswood area. At this stage it was Group Hire only; Dial-&-Ride had yet to be launched.

Re-organisation of local government in 1996 saw the creation of South Gloucestershire Council to replace Avon County Council. This new authority identified the value of community transport and decided to support the community transport within its newly formed boundaries. A successful bid to central government by South Gloucestershire Council saw sufficient funds made available to launch a brand new service and so, in October 1999, our Dial-&-Ride service was launched. The initial funding for this service only supported trips in our rural area, and so Kingswood Community Transport's existing fleet provided a Dial-&-Ride service in urban Kingswood. Our work in the rural area required us to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of rural users and also gave us the opportunity to work closely with the representatives of the thirteen Parish Councils in our operational area. Over the years, Dial-&-Ride has grown in strength and now plays a major part in the lives of its users and the local community.

Group Hire work has always been a major part of the Kingswood Community Transport's portfolio. We support the transport requirements of 120 affiliated user groups. These groups range from youth groups to our more senior citizens. This service allows groups to hire modern, fully-accessible mini-buses at affordable rates. Kingswood Community Transport now offers a complete community transport service and includes the Friday Friends Group.

Permanent Office Staff

Mike Vernon (General Manager)

Aaron Breddy (Operations Manager)

Jo Earley (Administration Officer)
Kate Ferris (Administration Officer)
Richard Helliar (Administration Officer)
Lisa Bailey (Administration Support Officer)


How we are organised

Kingswood Community Transport is a registered charity and also a company limited by guarantee. Support, in large part, is received from South Gloucestershire Council. There is a signed Service Level Agreement between Kingswood Community Transport and South Gloucestershire Council covering the services we provide for users and the community. Additional revenue comes from Group Hire, provided to affiliated user groups, and from charitable donations and other small grants.

Policy is led by a Board of fifteen members who are elected annually and are drawn from a wide selection of member groups. This committee meets quarterly throughout the year and guides and advises Kingswood Community Transport's work. There is an Annual General Meeting held in July of each year.

Volunteers play an absolutely essential part, and contribute in a major way, to the success of Kingswood Community Transport, and without their support only a fraction of the services that we deliver could continue to be delivered. Currently there are over 40 volunteers helping Kingswood Community Transport to deliver its services covering driving vehicles, office support and helping group bookings etc.


We cover a large area of South Gloucestershire including Acton Turville, Bitton, Cadbury Heath, Cold Ashton, Downend, Doynton, Dyrham and Hinton, Frenchay, Hanham, Hanham Abbots, Kingswood, Longwell Green, Mangotsfield, Marshfield, Oldland, Pucklechurch, Siston, Staple Hill, Tormarton, Warmley, Wick and Abson.


What does the future hold?

Times are tough economically for the country and Kingswood Community Transport will have to face up to the challenges this brings along with everybody else. Our funding from South Gloucestershire Council is being cut by 30% this year and again next year. For us to continue providing the high quality service expected by our members, the board have agreed that we need to charge £1 per trip as of 1st April. Along with other measures this will ensure we balance our books. We are continuing to look at new opportunities for KCT. However we are mindful of these changes and will position itself to take advantage of new opportunities.