Kingswood Community Transport News

Membership Renewals


To all current members:


The membership renewal letter along with a list of Friday Friends trips etc are currently being given out and all members should have received theirs by Thursday 13th April. 


The renewal fee remainings the same at £22.50 for individuals and £20.00 each for couples living at the same address. The only big change is an increase to the charge for our trips. All £1 trips will be from Monday 24th April £1.50 and all £2.50 trips will increase to £3.00. Unfortunately we have had to make these increases to return our reserves to the level expected by the Charities Commission and also maintain our fleet and services to the high standards you expect.  


More information about the changes will be put on the website but please do not hesitate to contact the office if you have any questions


Mike Vernon

General Manager